Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Outing - A Summer Wedding

There's nothing quite like going to a wedding, is there? Especially one in the summer. Luke and I were privileged to witness two friends get married in December and here are the photos. :)

First, the outfit photos...

 Anna & Bex, the wonderful wedding cake extraordinaires!

Summer outdoor weddings mean you can wear hats, and that makes me happy.

Our good friend Carolyn was one of the bridesmaids. Her dedication and attention to detail in every aspect of the wedding preparations was truly incredible. 

I always think the best wedding photos are the ones when they are walking back down the aisle. The pure joy on their faces is such a beautiful thing. 

Okay, so for decorations we made hundreds of pom-poms for a kind of pom-pom curtain to break up the room where they held the reception. As it turns out, we made too many so we had a good 60 left. We distributed these to the guests and told them to throw them in the air when the couple were announced as "Mr & Mrs" for the first time. It looked great. And it was a nice surprise for the couple. However, I was just glad that those handmade pom-poms got used. And here is a photo of one making a getaway on the newly wedded bride's dress.

Carolyn's maid of honour speech. Part of it was in Spanish (impressive).

Until next time :)

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