Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Review - My Week With Marilyn

So about 6 weeks ago Luke and I went to see My Week With Marilyn. To be totally honest, the main reason I went was to admire the clothing. However, I was really amazed at the acting skills. Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe so well and so sincerely. Undoubtedly Marilyn is a very difficult character to play, as she is just so famous that most people have at least an impression of what she was like, whether accurate or not. I also loved Kenneth Branagh in this; although I feel like he couldn't shake his Shakespearean acting style (pun intended), it somehow works in this, with him playing the famous stage actor Sir Lawrence Olivier.

I would recommend watching this movie with a good bowl of dessert, and expect it to be driven more by characters than story. Luckily the acting is good. Oh, and Judy Dench is also in it, and for me that alone is reason enough to see it.

Surprisingly, there were also fewer sexual references than I expected, despite what is suggested in the trailer. There were a few nudity scenes, but nothing that I found offensive (and I get offended very easily).

Being a bit of Marilyn fan, I found this movie quite entertaining, and after watching it I totally wanted to buy a white fitted shirt and dark sunglasses, and wrap a scarf around my head. I also love how it emphasised that a woman's natural curvaceous form  is beautiful. After all, Marilyn was a size 14!

The preview for your viewing pleasure:

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