Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The New Look - Sixties Bob

I know today is supposed to be a "Verse" post, but I just got a new haircut and I wanted to share it with you before I go on a little trip and you don't hear from me for a while...

I think I've mentioned this before, but I believe my hairstylist is a living legend. Matthew and I have been working our way through the "evolution of bobs" from the 1920s onwards. It's been great fun. Every time I think "Yep, this era is me," he suggests I try something new, and then I invariably think "Yep, this bob is definitely me."
So this time we decided to go with a late 60s bob:

As you can see, it's cut high at the back and slopes down to longer at the front.
It's similar to those concave haircuts that were popularised by Victoria Beckham a few years ago.

  Straight across blunt fringe.

I think this haircut will help me blend in with all the chic girls in Paris when I go there next week.
Yes, I'm off to Europe. Ex-citing!

As you can clearly see - one satisfied customer!

So I can't recommend Hair International enough - ask for Matthew (although I've had all the stylists cut my hair at some stage, and they're all brilliant).

And even better: on their website it says if you haven't had the Hair International experience before, you can receive a discount of 20% off the price for your first visit (just mention the advert to secure the deal).

Until next time :)

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