Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Dress - The Interview Blouse

Luke here again. This time I thought I'd post a quick Dress post, since we still have a lot of outfit photos of Hannah that haven't been published. This is rather daring for me: I have to write about Hannah's clothes and fashion and actually sound like I know what I'm talking about. But it means I can do a post with plenty of photos of Hannah, which is good because she is still overseas and I'm missing her a lot. So here goes.

Hannah called this outfit "The Interview Blouse". I presume this is because it's something she would wear to work, perhaps to an interview (or even to interview someone else). However, Hannah would wear something like this for many different occasions, as is the case with a lot of her outfits. It just goes to show two things: A) work dress guidelines are a lot broader for girls than for guys, and B) she has an amazing sense of style.

Blouse: Frutti
As she may have mentioned before, Hannah found this blue polka-dot blouse at Frutti, one of her favourite shops in Wellington. Frutti contains a lot of stylish and vintage-inspired clothing. Hannah also has a matching hat.

Swing pants: Heyday Vintage
The very versatile swing pants, made by the people at Heyday Vintage Style Clothing in the UK, are modelled on trousers that women wore in the 1940s. They are excellent for work, swing dancing and many other uses.

Shoes: Atticus
If my memory serves me right, these heels came from the Atticus store on Lambton Quay. I think the black shoes with white accent set off perfectly the black pants with white buttons.

Hannah: Australia
If you're wondering where I found a girl like this - I have to break it to you that there's definitely only one like her in the whole wide world.
Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?

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