Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The House - There's No Place Like Home

I’m here!!! I haven’t fallen off the edge of the interweb, although my absence may appear that way. There's so much to tell you, I honestly don’t know where to start! By the way, didn’t Luke do an awesome job while I was away? I can’t believe he did a fashion post - it shows he really does listen when I rant about my clothes.

So what’s been happening? A month's holiday travelling around the world: London, Paris, Frankston… (Sorry, that was an in joke for Australians who read this blog - my hometown in Australia has somewhat of a “reputation”). Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, a month’s holiday, going from 2 degrees in Paris to 40 in Melbourne. Talk about climate change!

I'm now back in Wellington, and Luke and I have finally moved into our new house. So exciting! We moved on Saturday 12 January. We said goodbye to our old flat, and passed on our thanks for being the backdrop to so many lovely memories.

So although we moved in 6 weeks ago, I wanted to wait till the place started to look homey before sharing some photos with you. I think you'll agree it's the cutest house ever. And it’s ours, all ours (well technically, I think the bank owns most of it... but still, with each mortgage payment it’s a little more ours and a little less the bank's). It’s a 1940s cottage, and I’m hoping to restore some of that feel through our redecorating. Plans, so many plans! Actually, some of our neighbours refer to it as "The Cottage House" - pretty sure I should put that on a plaque and stick it on the fence.

We now also have a car! Yes, up to now we have been wheel-less, but now it’s time to hit the road! Our car is called Monty... because you know you have to name cars, like you have to name musical instruments and vacuum cleaners (or maybe that's just my family...)

So yes, a new chapter in the life of Hannah and Luke. And I promise to keep the blog updates a little more regular from now on, since I missed you all so much. But for now, please enjoy some house eye candy.

Luke and I out the front. Please note that the garden did not look like this when we moved in.
Actually it looked more like this...

Something I have learned. Gardening = hard work.

 Kitchen. Look at that bench space. I mean look at it!

Yes, that is a Tardis-shaped tea pot. That's how we travel to work every morning.

Dining Room. 

I'm hoping to do some kind of vintage Asian theme in here eventually. This would save me having to repaint the feature wall, and I think it would be really neat.

 I think the lounge is my favourite room of the house. It gets lots of afternoon sun. By the way, all the furniture you see was bought from TradeMe. The couch + arm chairs + rocking chair + TV unit cost us less than $500. Pretty neat, huh? I've actually decided to furnish the entire house with second-hand furniture, just to prove you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money in order to have a nice home. 

 Look, a display cabinet for pretty things... Makes me happy. We can finally display the beautiful teapot we got from friends in Taiwan at our wedding.

 Study (Third Bedroom). This needs some TLC. But it's handy if you need a quick reference for the alphabet.

Second bedroom. I'd also like to do something more with this room, but I need to be patient. At least we have a bed for guests. No more sleeping on the couch in the lounge/kitchen = luxury. 

 Our bedroom. Yes, that is my soft toy on the bed. What of it? Those are Art Deco bedside tables I found on TradeMe - aren't they pretty?

 Also from TradeMe, a 1950s dressing table. Isn't it lovely? Hoping to restore it... at some stage.


 Laundry. :)

And that concludes your grand tour of the Tysoes' house. Thanks for stopping by. We also have a back yard and a garage, but I'll leave them till next time. Oh and yes, I did get a big haircut recently. It was time for a change.

Until next time :)
(Which hopefully won't be too far away!)


  1. I have worked out I can post anonymously. LOVE IT! The guest room is gorgeous with the wall of windows. I would love all that light! Nick and I were looking through first couple of photos and I said IS THAT A TARDIS TEAPOT! And the next captions said, Yes, that is a Tardis Teapot. Hehe great minds. I will keep an eye out for retro asian stuff. Lots of Love to our blessed friends. Tess and Nick xox

  2. P.S. Great hair!