Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Look - New(ish) Pixie Haircut

Okay, so my very observant interweb friends may have noticed that I got a haircut recently. To be fair, it's about 7 weeks old now and almost needs a trim. However, I haven't done a post on it yet, so here it is.

I had been considering doing a pixie cut for a while, after coveting other ladies wearing them. It all came after my sister and mum kept telling me I needed to get my hair cut like Mary Margaret from the TV series Once Upon A Time. I also noticed that I sighed longingly every time I saw photos of Michelle Williams and her cute do. So when I suggested to my stylist Matthew that I was considering doing a pixie cut, he said "Let's do it." And I was convinced.

Summer is also a great time for a short do. We've actually had a summer here in Wellington, which has been most novel. I know it's not a very "vintage" style - but hey, women wore their hair short in the 1960s, right?

 Just to prove that I'm not always so serious. And I can do the most awesome fishface in the world. Period.

Special thanks have to go to my a-mazing hairdresser Matthew from Pearl Hair Design and Spa. He really is the master of all my haircuts - I'm just the lucky girl who gets to wear them.

Until next time :)

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