Sunday, 17 March 2013

Trip to Europe - London Part 2

More of London for you. And yes, I am going to make these photos last until I next go on holidays. How long will that be? I don't know - let's see how we go, huh?

 Saint Paul's
So one thing that really floored me about London was the buildings. They were all so beautiful and majestic. But then I went to Paris, and I didn't think it possible but the buildings there were even more beautiful! Crazy, I know!

They were actually filming a movie out the front of St Paul's while we were there, which I thought was very cool. They were using the top circles, which meant we couldn't go up too high (although I think Laura was completely okay with that, since she doesn't like heights). It also meant that entry was free. Yay!

 Laura and John.

  See what I mean. It's just... wow.

So this photo actually won't make much sense unless I tell you that we had a running joke about the Duke of York. To be honest, I don't know how it started, but it would always go something like this:
Laura: I feel like a crepe.
John: You're a crepe.
Laura: Your face is crepe.
John: Your mum's a crepe.
Hannah: Do you know who liked crepes?
Laura: Yeah, him and his 10,000 men.
John: I think that was their treat for when they got up the hill.

You get the idea. So imagine how excited we were to find his memorial! 

We also visited the Australian War Memorial, which is the neatest War Memorial I've ever seen, if I can say that. As you can see, there are small place names written on it, which put together form big place names. The smaller words are the names of soldiers' birthplaces, and the larger ones are the battlegrounds where the Australians fought.

 And look what we found. Langwarrin, my home town in Australia. Pretty cool, huh? Okay, so we cheated and used John's phone to look up where it was, otherwise it would have taken forever!

Anyway, until next time! :)

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