Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Wish List - Winter Wants

Wellington has been blessed with an unusually warm summer this year. Okay, it's got nothing on Australian summers, but I swear 22 degrees here is really warm - maybe because we're more directly below the hole in the ozone layer.

Anyway, I digress. Despite having the perfect summer weather, I still find myself thinking of winter clothes, maybe because my wardrobe is stuffed with summer dresses (thanks to growing up in Australia and having a natural devotion towards pretty floral patterns). However, I appear to be somewhat lacking in winter garments. Since we have just bought a house, I need to be very careful and strategic in the things I buy. Making a list helps keep me focused, and is great for preventing impulse buys.

So here, in no particular order, are my winter wants:

 Lace-up knee-high brown leather boots 
(preferably with a chunky heel of an inch or so)
Specific much? Do you think I'll ever be able to find them? Let the hunt begin!

 I was thinking some white coloured pattern tights might allow me to bring some of my summer dresses into the cooler months.
 Okay, this is the major want right now. Isn't it beautiful? Don't get me wrong, I love my long princess coat, but I need something for jeans/pants. However, it's so expensive I'm kind of scared even to try it on.

I've decided that I need new sunglasses, cat's eye style, so I can look fabulous while driving around Lower Hutt. Dead Mans Spex is a really cool shop as they sell vintage glasses, some even new vintage (never having been worn).
I'm decided the best way to beat the Wellington wind is pants! Aren't these great?

Okay... I kind of need these for a costume. Will explain later. But I think I'd really get a lot of use out of them.

Well, these are my winter wants. So... you know my birthday's coming up soon (joke).

Until next time :)

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