Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Dress - The Cape

Sorry it's taken me SO long to post. Blogger is doing some strange things, so I wasn't able to post photos for a while >.< Very frustrating! 

Anyway... have you ever gone shopping to buy something, then realised that you actually need something completely different once you're in the shops? 

I had this very experience a couple of weekends ago. You see, I had been saving my pennies for a gorgeous, double breasted, black military-style coat that I had seen in Marcs. I was determined to have it. You might have heard me talk about it in my latest "wish list", and don't get me wrong - I still think it's a beautiful coat. 

But then I saw this beige cape. Let me just say that I've always wanted a cape. I don't know why. They're just so fun, don't you think? It looks so warm and snuggly, plus I already have a black princess coat and a black leather jacket, not to mention a few black cardigans. Did I really need another black item in my wardrobe? Was I turning into a Wellingtonian in my uniform of black? Sure it goes with everything, but so does beige, right? By the way, I think that's my colour at the moment. I have moved on from navy... almost... and am now hunting down beige things. 

Coat: Overland
I found it in Kirkcaldie and Stains, not normally where I shop. I wanted a coat that would go well with jeans. It actually doesn't look too bad with straight pencil skirts either. The colour and the collar also reminded me a bit of a coat Mary Margaret wears on the TV series "Once", and since I had already stolen her hair cut, I thought: why not complete the look with her coat? Plus it has a little bit of a "swing" coat vintage feel.

I also think that given my pear-type shape, and that I seem to carry the most weight around my hips, it does quite a nice job of "balancing" me out, as it were.
Jeans: Just Jeans

Shoes: Thrifted

Until next time :)

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