Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Outing - Tramp to Sunrise Hut

So this post has been a while (like over 6 weeks) in the making - whoops! Oh well. In case you are unaware, New Zealand is renowned for hiking tracks that zigzag all over the country, dotted with cute little huts. So it's the perfect place to go hiking/trekking, or as they call it here in New Zealand, "tramping" (trekking + camping = tramping).

Although Luke and I have been for a few walks around Wellington, I hadn't done any official "tramping" in New Zealand since I was about 14 years old and did the Tongariro Crossing with my mum, aunt and uncle. So when a good friend of mine from church said she was organising a trip, I was pretty keen. 

The plan was to hike up to "Sunrise Hut", one of the most popular huts in NZ. The walk is pretty easy, although quite steep, and it only takes about 2.5 hours.

We set off impossibly early that morning to ensure we could get to the hut in time to claim our mattresses and cook dinner while it was still light. There's no electricity in the hut.

Pretty sky

The group before we set off. What I love about this photo is Elizabeth trying to fix David's hair. :)

NZ countryside is so pretty.
Here is our feast. Fit for a king! Pretty good for camping food.
Luke and I. Yes, that is a Minnie Mouse beanie. :)
It wasn't the best sunrise in the world, but it was still very pretty with the sunlight streaming through the trees as we headed down the path the next morning.

Things I learnt on my first tramping trip:
1. Tramping in jeans is not a good idea. No matter how cold it is, you will get hot.

2. Zip-lock bags were practically made for hiking - they're brilliant.

3. Torches that go on your head might look dorky in daylight, but when there's no electricity and your hands are full you'll look like a bloody genius.

4. That scratching sound in the night that sounds like it's right next to your head is probably a possum and everyone else is probably hearing it too.

5. If you're going to fall asleep in church because you didn't get enough sleep due to point 4, sit in the back row so the row behind you doesn't notice.

Liz did such an awesome job organising the trip. We had so much fun. It was also Luke's first tramping trip. :) Will definitely try to do some more in the future.

Well, until next time :)

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