Monday, 1 April 2013

The Dress - Oliver Twist

Happy April Fools day everyone! Today is the last outfit post taken at our old house. I call this one Oliver Twist, since for some reason this hat has always made me think of Oliver. Do you name your outfits, or is that just me?

Hat: Toxic
I bought this hat just before I started university. Although I don't wear it as often as I should, mainly because I don't find it goes with much of my wardrobe, I keep it because I've always like the pattern and the cute little roses. Plus occasionally it's just what's needed to complete an outfit.

Cardigan: Agent Ninety-nine
This cardigan has gone through numerous wardrobe cullings. It's so warm and comfortable that it always manages to survive somehow. I'm also a sucker for disproportionately large buttons.

Shorts: Retro Star
I still love my culottes, which you can also see here. Add some tights and voila, they can brave the cooler days.

Shoes: Vintage
I quite like these shoes with this outfit, as they add an almost Peter Pan-like quality... Oh no, which fictional character am I? Maybe it's a mismatch between Oliver Twist and Peter Pan!

Merino Top: Glassons
You really can't beat merino tops for winter in Wellington - a fact that took me too long to learn. Come on, bring on the winter!

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