Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Birthday Dress

Okay, so it's time to share with you my birthday present that I got from Luke. This is actually a mixed dress/outing post, as we took the photos at the picnic dinner that we had on my actual birthday.

So the dress is one I've wanted for a really long time - something I spied on Etsy a least a million years ago. You might remember me mentioning it in my review of the movie On The Town. You see, Cynthia from HeartMyCloset on Etsy makes reproductions of this dress, and Luke my very dear and sweet husband decided to buy me one for my birthday. :)

The Dress: HeartMyCloset
Isn't it beautiful? Although it's not the same turquoise colour as the dress in the movie, I quite like the forest green. I guess the most amusing part of Luke buying the dress is that because it's made to size he had to try and get my measurements without me catching on! A very difficult thing to do indeed!

The dress seems well made, although to be honest we discovered she doesn't make them herself; in fact, it came from Vietnam. Nevertheless, the quality is amazing - it has quite a heavy material and is sturdily made. In addition, the price was not too much for something tailor made.

I love the detail of the lining in the same black and white plaid. So cute.

And look at that twirlability. Can't wait to take this one swing dancing!

As previously mentioned, we had a birthday picnic dinner. Luke even borrowed a friend's portable iPod player so we could have music.

It should also be known that a tradition of mine since 7 years old is to have a pavlova on my birthday. This year Luke made me mini pavlovas, which were very yummy.

Although a little tricky to eat!

All in all, it was a very good birthday.

Until next time :)

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