Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Review - Le Chef

Bex and I watched this short, yet endearing film the other night: Le Chef (Comme un Chef is its French title). 

At only 90 minutes, it's a quick yet delightful romp into the artistic world of French cuisine. The story is about Jacky, a wannabe chef who has devoted himself to famous chef Alexandre Lagarde's cooking style and technique. He finds his devotion and passion for cooking is not appreciated in the roadside diners. By a lucky coincidence he finds himself working for his hero. However, all is not well with the great Alexandre, who is in danger of losing a rating star from a restaurant group who want to buy his business out from beneath him.

Le Chef is refreshing and lighthearted. The script is quintessentially French and very clever, with much cause for amusement. There are plenty of smart dialogues and hilarious moments. It's definitely worth a watch if you like French movies and food. :)


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