Monday, 15 April 2013

Trip to Europe - London Part 5

Yes, time for more holiday snaps. Today we went to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

Me outside the Tower of London. It was such a fascinating place to go. Growing up you hear about the Tower of London and always kind of envision it as being a tower, but in reality it's more of a walled castle. There's so much history here - it was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1078! The castle has been used as a prison since at least 1100, although that was not its primary purpose. A grand palace early in its history, it served as a royal residence.

Laura with two of the Palace Guards (Beefeaters), who live in the residences in the background.

 A guard outside the Waterloo Barracks, where the Crown Jewels are stored.

 The Tower Bridge, which is a much nicer bridge than London Bridge.

 Laura on the Tower Bridge

 The procession of the guards outside Buckingham Palace. I really wished they would sing "Oh Ei Oh" like in the Wizard of Oz.
 Palace guards... on horses.

Laura and I outside Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately we didn't end up having afternoon tea with the Queen; we had to decline her invitation as we had too much to see and do.

Until next time :)

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