Friday, 5 April 2013

The Outing - Anthony & Cleopatra

So the other week (well, really a couple of weeks ago, but hey who's counting?) Luke, Rebekah, Carolyn and I continued one of our favourite summer traditions: going to see the Summer Shakespeare in the Botanical Gardens. I say it's a tradition because this is the third time Bex and I have been, and the second time Carolyn and Luke have joined us, and I'm pretty sure that makes it a tradition now.

This year they performed Anthony and Cleopatra. None of us were overly enthused given that Rebekah, our resident Shakespeare expert, said it wasn't one of her favourites. However, I'm not sure if seeing this production changed her mind - it was that good.

I love the relaxed atmosphere. Everyone settles down on their picnic blankets, sets out their dinner and wine, and kicks back to watch a play which is now several hundred years old but still so entertaining and compelling.

I would write more about the actors, but I lost the programme... suffice to say the guy who played Anthony (pictured above) was amazing. As you can see, it was kind of set in the 1920s-1930s period.

An although Anthony was good, it was really Cleopatra who stole the show. She acted rings around everyone and you couldn't keep your eyes off her the moment she came on stage. Apparently she also played the part at the Globe in London, so we were very lucky to see her in humble old Wellington. One highlight was definitely when she rushed up to Luke during one of her monologues and delivered her line with her hands on his cheeks and gazing directly at him.

As you can see, the set was great. Minimalist yet effective, with all its little props tucked away between the stairs.

A photo of Luke and I. Do you like his new glasses? I think they make him look very handsome.

Until next time :)

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