Thursday, 25 April 2013

Trip to Europe - London Part 6

More photos from my trip to Europe. Am I trying to make these photos last as long as it takes for me to go overseas on holidays again? Yes, yes I am. 

Fans of the BBC comedy Black Books, drink it up. That's right, this is the outside of the shop where the show was filmed. How cool is that! Love that show. If you've never watched it and you have a kind of black/strange sense of humor, seriously - go out and buy it and watch it and laugh and then watch it again and laugh more. 

I must admit that visiting "The London Dungeon" was not on my personal list of must do things in London, but it was actually a lot of fun. You learn lots of history and it's not that scary. However, it probably helped that our group included a dozen ditzy screaming 15-year-old high school girls... so I felt comparatively brave.

This photo cracks me up every time. The actors who run the show are really the highlight. They are so deadpan and refuse to get out of character. I also should mention that I was put on trial for being a witch, burned at the stake and hung. Laura thinks this was because of my black coat, which made me look like I fit the part already.

 Other touristy things to do in London include getting a photo at platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross... just because you know you have to.

 Another must do is of course the London Eye.
We went up at dusk, which was a really beautiful time to do it. There were amazing views of the city. I also had fun experimenting with my camera's "miniature" feature.

 Love this photo :)


I should probably also mention we saw two shows on the West End.
The first was Top Hat, a revival of an Irving Berlin musical, which was amazing. There was so much old style glamour, dancing and witty dialogue.

 We also saw Billy Elliot, which was equally incredible. I honestly couldn't tell you which one I liked better. The dancing in Billy Elliot was spectacular and it was such a powerful show.

Anyway, reminiscing completed.

Until next time :)

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