Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Outing - Film Noir Ball

So a few weekends ago (and I literally mean a few, see how good I'm getting at posting relatively frequently - hooray for me!), Luke and I attended the swing dancing event of the year: the Windy Lindy Ball. This year's theme was Film Noir - which I had to admit I had to research a little bit.

I was planning on wearing just a "normal" 1940s dress, the dress that Luke got me for my birthday, which would have been fine. However, on the morning of the ball I went op shopping with a good friend of mine and found the perfect dress. A long fittted black dress, it fits me so well you'd think it was tailored. And better yet, I could dance in it.

Anyhow, so at the actual event they had a photographer who was taking shots of people in Film Noir poses. So Luke and I thought we'd give it a go. What do you think, could we be Film Noir stars?

 Artful Dodge Photography

 Artful Dodge Photography 

The ball was great fun. We danced until late in an atmospheric studio with film noir clips playing on a screen in the background. Everyone was decked out in wonderful costumes - there was even a guy wearing an entirely black outfit complete with black balaclava (it was incredible, at a distance he looked like a shadow). It was probably one of the best Windy Lindies that Full Swing have put on, and we look forward to seeing what the next one is like!

Until next time :)

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