Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Song - Hello Hello

You might have noticed by now that my tastes in music are highly influenced by the movies I watch. And although I don't usually watch a movie and then buy the entire soundtrack, if I enjoyed the movie and especially one or two of its songs, it's not long before I'm sitting down at the computer buying them on iTunes. For example, I may have just purchased "Life's a Happy Song" from The Muppets. My defence is that I had it in my head already so I might as well get the lyrics right. Current favourite lyrics... "Life's a fillet of um...yes it is." Makes me smile every time.

Funnily enough, this post is not about that song, but rather another one from another movie. On my birthday last year, Luke and I went to see the movie My Wedding and Other Secrets, a smallish indie New Zealand film which was probably not that widely released. However, I totally recommend it; such a sweet storyline, well acted and filmed - very enjoyable. I especially like the title song "Hello Hello" by Bic Runga.

I'll be the first to admit that I am woefully bad at music trivia. For example, I always had a soft spot for the song "Sway", but not only did I not know who the artist was, I had no idea that she was an incredibly talented Kiwi.

(Although until just now, I did believe one of the lines from the song - "I say it's infinitely true" - was "I say it's in from the kitchen"... seriously, maybe it's the Kiwi accent, but I always thought that's what she said, and no I had no idea what it meant.)

I digress: anyway, I fell in love with her single "Hello Hello" just from watching the preview of My Wedding and Other Secrets, and waited patiently for the song's release. And so here, for all your enjoyment, is the very cute, fun, sweet, dripping-with-honey song "Hello Hello". Enjoy!

Until next time! :)

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