Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Holiday - Montage Part 1

I thought that over the next couple of weeks I'd make a few montages of the highlights from our trip to Australia. So sit back and let's go on a virtual journey through my holiday snaps. :)

I love my grandparents' place up in Wangaratta. I totally took it for granted when I was younger, not realising that few grandparents have their own personal museum and selection of vintage cars. I really think my exposure to such things as a child really began and nurtured my love affair with all things vintage. Yes, it is official: my grandparents are the coolest, and you all have grandparent envy now, or at least vintage car envy. I mean, check out these gorgeous automobiles.

I'll take both Chevs please. :)

Love the wooden steering wheel.

I'm pretty sure that "Show Boat" record is an original. So great. I think my grandparents also helped foster my love for musical theatre, especially the old musical movies. Next to it is a needle sharpener. According to my pop, if you didn't have any needles handy you could take a rose thorn from the garden, sharpen it and use that instead.

This is one of about 20 old gramophones and phonographs in my pop's collection. This was probably a portable one. Music technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, hasn't it. I wonder if one day we'll be putting iPods in cases like this. Nah... they're not pretty enough.

This, my friends, is a dictating machine, as the label says. You pretty much speak into the mouth-piece and it imprints the sound, which it then records on one of the cylinders by making grooves. This cylinder is given to the typist, who types it up.

And lastly, a photo of Luke and I with my grandparents outside their museum... I mean house.

Until next time :)

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