Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Review - Courageous

In December I went to see the movie Courageous. I was actually quite shocked - and also very pleased - to hear that it was being released in New Zealand, even if only for a very limited season (5 days). Since it is a Christian film made by a church, I was kind of thinking the only place we'd find it would be on DVD in the local Christian bookshop 6 months later. However, Luke and I decided that if cinemas are willing to show these films, then we'd better go see it, so they will be encouraged to show more in the future.

 As you can see from the poster, the Kendrick brothers have moved from Fire Fighters to Police Officers; pretty soon they're going to run out of emergency services. However, I have to say that this movie was definitely equal to if not better than their previous work, Fireproof, although I think they should hand out complimentary tissues at the start of the film because I cried a lot.