Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Song - Poison & Wine

I have a problem. Well, two really. 1) I love good music. 2) It is WAY too easy to purchase music on iTunes. Well, really the first is fine, it's just the way these problems unite to negatively affect my bank balance.

One thing I do love about iTunes is that you can purchase only a few songs. However, quite often this results in me buying one or two songs by a particular artist and absolutely loving them to death, meaning that I purchase more of their songs, then maybe one or two more, when I realise that it would have been cheaper to purchase the whole album in the first place. Oh well, at least I'm supporting the music industry, I guess.

Anyway, about 10 months ago my friend Chloe introduced me to a duo called The Civil Wars after I introduced her to Basia Bulat (flicks through previously published "The Song" entries, and realises that shockingly I've never done an entry on Basia Bulat *gasp*). So I listened to a few songs, and it wasn't very long until I fell head over heels in love with their mellow and beautiful tones. I believe I have now downloaded about 6 of their songs.

The Civil Wars is made up of Joy Williams and John Paul White. Randomly enough, before Chloe told me about them I had already downloaded a few of Joy Williams' songs. They've recently shot to fame after releasing their first full-length album Barton Hollow, which has been nominated for a couple of awards. Their music is beautiful, soothing, soulful and wonderfully melodic.

Have a listen to their song Poison & Wine below and see if you agree.

PS: Yes, I totally have to agree with a commentator on Youtube who said that John Paul White looks like a cross between Sirius Black (from Harry Potter) and Johnny Depp.

Until next time :)

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