Monday, 27 February 2012

The Song - Suzy

Have you ever heard music that makes you want to do the Charleston and the robot dance at the same time? No? Well then, you obviously have never heard of the band Caravan Palace, because that is precisely what their music makes you want to do (well at least, it does with ME).

And I have to thank my wonderful French-Canadian friend Claire for introducing them to me. Actually Claire's friendship had a profound impact on my iPod - if it weren't for her I wouldn't have heard of Basia Bulat, Caravan Palace, Kat Flint, or Eli et Papillon, to name just a few. Pretty much as soon as Claire and I did an iPod swap while we were working as temps at the Earthquake Commission, I told her to write down all her favourite artists because I liked so much of her music.

Anyway, so Caravan Palace are a French electroswing and gypsy jazz band based in Paris.  Although generally speaking I like my jazz music more traditional and I'm not big on electro music, I feel in love with how fun this music is. I mean, it seriously puts you in a good mood.

Have a watch of this video clip of their single Suzy. The robot is so cute!


Until next time :)

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