Friday, 3 February 2012

The New Look - glasses & haircut

So recently I have been looking in the mirror more frequently than usual. This is partly because last Friday I got a new haircut, but more than that - on Monday I got a new pair of glasses! Still so excited.

2 weeks ago Luke and I went on a mission to find a vintage-style pair of cat's-eye glasses, in either black or preferably tortoiseshell. And what a mission it was! Cat's-eye glasses don't really seem to be in fashion... yet. But you mark my words, give it a few months and they will be everywhere. It's my own personal Murphy's fashion law; I swear someone is stalking me...
I'd had my previous glasses for about 4 years, and due to everyday wear they had gotten quite scratched. I also felt I was in need of a change - you get a bit tired of wearing the same frames day in and day out. Plus, if there's one thing I love, it's glasses shopping... well that and shoe shopping.

Anyway, so we went to A LOT of spectacles shops, and were just about give up when I remembered that a lady from Church owns an optometrist with some pretty funky frames. So off we trotted to Geraldine Booth's shop. I was searching among the frames, and had found some pretty neat ones, when I picked up a red pair with cat's-eye frames. I put them on and thought: These are perfect...*sigh* if only they weren't red. (Don't get me wrong - I love red, but given my affinity for matching, I don't think I could wear red frames full time). Then I asked the shop assistant if the frames came in any other colour, to which she made a reply that was absolute music to my ears. "Yes, they come in tortoiseshell."

I tried them on and I knew they had to be mine. Unfortunately they were on the high end of our budget, but were totally worth the "investment." After picking them up on Monday, I proceeded back to work and tried to look at my reflection in any slightly shiny surface, probably taking more bathroom breaks than usual as well.

SO anyway, enough of my prattle. Oh, you might also notice that I got a new hair cut. Matt at Hair International cut it, and I'm absolutely loving it. It made me realise how much my face suits this particular length, and I think I'm officially a full fringe convert. So without any further ado, here are my new glassses (and hair cut). Let me know what you think...
 Yep, I'm pretty chuffed with them, as you can probably tell from my expression.

 Me + these glasses = perfect match

As you can see, they have purple arms and are purple on the inside too, which creates a bit more interest. 

 Plus, I can do "ticked-off librarian" looks in them, like so...

 Or "pensive deep thinker who sucks on her glasses for inspiration"...

 They also work great with Asian poses... which of course is a very important thing to think about when selecting new frames.

 Time for my close up...

 Unfortunately, as previously mentioned they cost more than a few pretty pennies, which means it'll be quite a few years before I can buy another pair...

But I love them so much that at the moment I am definitely okay with that.

And just because... yep I am the queen of fish faces.

Until next time :)


  1. Those glasses are cute! And your haircut looks great on you. You can definitely pull it off!

  2. The fringe and colour of the haircut really suits you :). And the glasses are definitely unique and you wear them well!

    Btw, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Libester Blog Award :). See

  3. Those are actually some pretty cool glasses! I like them, and I think they suit you really well! I always find it strange when you try on a new pair of glasses, and you have to get used to how you look with them. :) There are so many thicker frame styles that I really like, but they just don't suit my face very well for some reason. I don't know why. So I'm always for less frames, and more subtle. I'm jealous that you can wear something like this! Also, your lipstick is perfect. :)

  4. I love your cat’s eye glasses! They look very chic, and seem cool to wear every day! Not many people are fond of wearing eyeglasses, but I don’t think they would mind it if they could have a great pair like yours. Cheers!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  5. Your new glasses seem to fit you very well. And by the looks of things, it seems like you’re really enjoying them. Haha! Anyway, it is on the expensive size, but it’s always nice to invest on good quality stuff, rather than the cheap ones that could wear off immediately. Thanks for sharing this with us, Hannah. Have a great day!

    Beulah Jackson @ 96th Street Eye Care