Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Dress - Pac Man

So time for another dress post. Yay! I thought I'd break away slightly from my usual red lips and cheeky grins for this post. You know - just mix things up a bit. I love, love, love this dress. However, it is the biggest pain in the butt to wash, because the trim around the bottom tends to dye the other parts of the dress when it gets wet. Actually, it's kind of a funny story how I discovered this, if you care to hear....

 Dress: Eu
So I bought the dress in Taiwan, when Luke and I were just getting to know each other. It was kind of an impulse buy to be honest. One of those "Oh that's cute" moments, and precisely 5 minutes and 35 seconds later my purse is a lot lighter. Anyway, since I was not much of an expert at washing clothes (in fact, I had zero knowledge in that field), when the dress needed a wash I just threw it in the washing machine with all the other laundry and went off to class, only to come back and discover that the dye had run. 

So I promptly took it to the lovely drycleaners down the road. He gave me a big lecture (in Chinese) about colours and whites and not letting wet clothes sit in the washing machine for hours. But he told me he would see what he could do.

 About 5 days later, I was walking home - no wait, scratch that, I was floating home, as Luke had just proposed to me and we had gotten engaged. When the man in the drycleaners called out to me. He told me he had managed to clean all the blue spots out of the dress. After giving me another lecture about the importance of washing clothes correctly, he turned to me and asked in typically abrupt Chinese fashion: "This dress is very pretty. I think boys would like it. Do you have a boyfriend?"
At this I paused. Damn! I thought. I don't know how to say "fiance"! 
"Yes..." I said. "Well, actually I just got engaged."
"Congratulations!" he said. "When did you get engaged?"
I looked at my watch. "Hmmm... 3 hours ago."

And that's why the second person I told about my engagement to Luke was my drycleaner. :)

Bow! Which awesomely came with the dress. I also love how the shape of the dress is very 1950s-60s but the pattern is so modern - which is why I call this my Pacman dress.
Earrings: Iko Iko
I think these are Luke's favourite earrings, since he is a massive Lego fan. I like how their shape matches the shapes in the dress. I actually wear these earrings quite a bit, as they are rather understated, and it's not until people get close that they realise they are actually pieces of Lego. Plus, if you join them together when you're not wearing them, you'll never lose one!

Until next time :)

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