Monday, 16 December 2013

The Dress - Little Red Cardigan Hood

So it's time for another peek inside my closet. These photos are the second-to-last of the "archived" ones. Enjoy!

Cardigan: Quick Brown Fox
My mum bought me this cardigan when we were visiting Melbourne 3 years ago and it still gets regularly worn. Nothing like a bold red cardigan to brighten up your day. :)

Shirt: Taiwan
I had to part with this shirt recently. And I'm telling you it was a nightmare to replace! Apparently Peter Pan collars with puff sleeves aren't "in". To that I say - damn you all! I will look and look until I find something I love as much. And I think I have... to be continued ;)

Skirt: Target
Yep, this skirt is going on 7 years old and still doing a fine job. Comfortable and flattering. You can't get a much better combination than that!

Brooch: Gift
I love brooches. They are such a fun accessory that can liven up any outfit. However, I sometimes find it quite difficult to know what to wear them with. My mum bought this for my birthday this year. Isn't it so sweet? Whenever I wear it and see it through the day it always makes me smile.

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