Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Outing - Botanical Gardens

When my parents came to visit (a little while ago), we decided to take them to the Wellington Botanical Gardens after church to see the tulip festival. There also happened to be a Dutch Festival on at the same time. As my husband just informed me, tulips are the unofficial national flower of the Netherlands - talk about getting the pick of the bunch (yes that pun was totally intended).

Anyways, I love the Wellington Botanical Gardens because they're so quintessentially...Wellington. They've got to be some of the hilliest gardens I've been to, but they're beautifully laid out with even a little cable car to take you to the top.

Note: to save disappointment, a cable car is a tram pulled by a cable - not a gondola... yep, I made that mistake the first time I rode it, and ended up exclaiming, "But that's just a tram that goes up a hill. We have trams in Melbourne!"

Tulips... they're just so happy aren't they?

My mum and me :)

Me eating a naughty Dutch Sausage

And a tui in a kowhai tree... ;)

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