Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Dress - I'm a Fan

So this space of my blog will be dedicated to all things fashion. As many of you know I have quite a liking for fashion, particularly vintage or vintage-inspired clothing. Okay, so "quite" might be a slight understatement. I love vintage fashion and I quite often feel I was born in the wrong decade by about 60 years or so, but hey what can you do? So the hope is on a regular basis I will update this part of the blog on recent or not so recent purchases from my closet.

Skirt - Bettie Page modcloth

So this is one of my most recent, and currently favourite purchases. I love the colour and the vintage look. Plus I can wear it to work and swing dancing. The weight also means it's good for winter/spring/autumn, and since summer doesn't really exist here in Wellington, it's a skirt for all seasons. On top of that, as far as I can tell the extra long length means I don't have to worry about having any "Marilyn Monroe" moments in the Wellington wind! But the best part of all is...


 I'm sure the numerous fans will keep me cool during Wellington's "Summer"

Earrings: Diva
I've had quite a few comments on these earrings, and the best part of all is they were $8.00 and go with most outfits, hooray for versatility!
Shoes: Top Shop

And yes, for those observant people I did get a haircut recently. :)

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