Monday, 31 October 2011

The Review - Just Married

This part of the blog will be dedicated to reviewing recent movies, books, music, concerts, shows etc. that I have watched, read, listened, or attended. You will probably notice that my tastes are in many ways different from the main stream, but I'm also not ashamed to admit to a good piece of popular entertainment when I see it.

I suddenly realised that the title of this post might have led some of you to believe that I would be reviewing my recently married life. Oops...  that is not what I am reviewing here (although of course I would give it 11 stars out of 10).

Instead I will be reviewing the World Premier of a short film by Michael (Luke's youngest brother) and Alina (my soon to be sister-in-law... in 15 days to be precise!). Undoubtedly they will one day be famous animators/cartoonists and lucky you can say that you had heard of them before they shot to stardom.

Okay naturally I'm going to be biased in this review because of who it was made by, but I will also be even more biased because it features Luke and myself as the main characters (oh and our house, a very important character). Luckily, over-acting was allowed in the short film, which I am of course a natural at. So sit back and enjoy... Just Married. *imaginary house lights dim as you reach to click the play button*....


  1. This is FANTASTIC! Luke looks so handsome with those teeth. Totally see why you married him. Hollywood actors in the making :P

  2. Oh yay, somewhere to watch this! Still think you both did great. XD