Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Outing - The Rugby World Cup

I know the Rugby World Cup is officially over (although that doesn't mean the New Zealanders won't be celebrating it for the next four years). However, I thought since some of you found it particularly hard to believe that I was voluntarily watching rugby matches, checking scores on the internet and quoting All Black players' names in the staff room, I decided to use this blog as photograhic evidence to record the fact that I at one time showed some interest in rugby union. Whether this interest surfaces at any other time of my life remains to be seen...

My husband Luke, our good friend Carolyn and I attended the quarter finals at the fanzone down in the harbour. South Africa vs. Australia.

It was a very intense game, but luckily by that time I had learnt the proper name for certain moves. For example, I was no longer calling "Line Outs" - "That Cheerleader Move" or "Scrums" - "Big Group Hugs."

Carolyn also discovered her amazing talent for facepainting during the World Cup. I must say the Wallaby she painted on my cheek was most impressive.

Spot the Australian amongst the sea of Black. Luke, Carolyn and I along with a bunch of people from church watched the semi final All Blacks vs. Australia at a local bar.

Yes, I bravely supported my country. I stood and proudly sang Advance Australia Fair, I brandished my flag when we scored our two penalties (although I had to check first that we had scored points, since at that point the pub was so silent you could have heard a pin drop) and I was secretly glad when we lost, because it meant I didn't have to catch the first flight back to Australia, or go into hiding. 

So there you have it. My participation in the World Cup recorded online for all to see.

Until next time...


  1. great images. Good to see an Australian in Nw Zealand ! :) w

  2. I still prefer 'Cheerleader Move'...