Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Review - 25th Anniversary Concert of The Phantom of the Opera

A well-known fact: I love musicals. I have loved musicals, love musicals and will for the foreseeable future unquestionably continue to love musicals. So when I saw that selected cinemas in Wellington were showing the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Performance, how could I not go?

Me and the Phantom go way back, I mean since I was about 4 and it first came to Australia. My parents went to see it (in defiance of all my pouting). I remember my mum telling me about the falling chandelier, and thinking that they must have had to duck when the chandelier went swinging out over the audience. Kids' imaginations are always more fantastical than reality. Anyway, so my parents brought home the cassette tape, and I remember being completely and utterly enchanted listening to it and attempting to do my own kind of ballet.

Anyway, I digress. In summary, I have always loved the Phantom of the Opera. I actually went to see it live on stage in Melbourne a few years back, but unfortunately in that performance we didn't get to see Anthony Warlow, of whom I am a huge fan (between my mum and I we have all his albums).

But it was still brilliant to see on stage. In August this year I also went to see Love Never Dies in Melbourne with my husband and mum, but that's another blog entry for another time. :) Time for a picture.