Monday, 7 November 2011

The Dress - So Twirlable

Here are the most recent additions to my closet - and the last for a while, as my husband so accurately put it: "You've spent too much on clothing recently." Which is true, so I'm going to try to be content with the clothes I have, and hopefully Wellington will get warmer soon so I can start pulling out some of my summer dresses, which have been in hibernation since February. Let's work our way from the top down, shall we?

New hair colour, you ask. Why yes it is! My wonderful husband now turned amateur hair colourist did it for me. 
It is the same colour I dyed it way back in July, and I have to say it is a bit darker than I remembered, so I think I'll go a shade up next time, but it's nice for a change.

Blouse - heyday
 I'd been admiring this top for the longest time and it came on sale the other day, so I was like "snap". It's one of Shona's creations from Heyday Vintage Style - an online store that does recreation vintage clothing. It's my second purchase from them, the other being a pair of 1940s swing pants, which I adore and will probably feature on here very shortly. 
Anyway, back to the blouse. It is a 1940s wrap-style top called "Spray Rose" - and goes so well with all my high-waisted pants and skirts. I was also super impressed with the shipping: I ordered it on the Friday and by the very next Wednesday it had arrived, all the way from the UK!
Fun fact: Shona is actually a New Zealander who started the Swing Dancing Company where Luke and I take classes.

Skirt - modcloth

Sadly, my favourite A-line black skirt is seeing its last days, although to be fair I did get it from Target about 4 years ago, and it managed to survive 2 years working at the hairdressers followed by over a year in the office. Also, being one of my staples, it got worn a lot. Pretty good endurance for a $20.00 skirt. Anyway, it was in desperate need of being replaced. 
So in order to find a skirt I could be equally or more devoted to, Rebekah (Luke's sister) and I went trailing the shops for the perfect A-line skirt, but sadly to no avail. They were all pencil, which I love but my body doesn't seem to. Being pear-shaped, I have the problem of pencil skirts either a) fitting perfectly round my waist, but being unable to walk, or b) fitting nicely on my thighs but gaping around my waist. Solution: buy an A-line skirt.
However, this is not such an easy task, namely because they don't seem to be in fashion. So when I spotted this beauty on modcloth it was love at first sight. I know, I know, its not A-line, it's far better than that - it's a circle skirt!
Perfect for swing dancing, the office, and when I finally receive that petticoat I've ordered from Etsy. But even better than that - the BEST thing about this skirt is its...

(that's right that's a word now)


 Shoes - Aldo
These shoes were actually purchased in Taiwan during a sale at Aldo, and from memory cost only about $30. Cheap + Pretty shoes = Happy Hannah

Until next time. 

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