Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Dress - Pink Goes Good With Green

It's time for another look inside my closet. :) No new purchases here, but most of the items have a fun story attached. This outfit is one of my favourites to wear to work. 

Vest - thrifted

I bought this vest from good ol' Savers in Frankston, Melbourne, a couple of years ago. And I always gets complimented on it. The only bad part is when people say "Wow did you do all that beading work yourself?" To which I respond, "How talented do you think I am, have you ever seen me thread a needle?! It takes me about 10 minutes with a lot of frustrated sighing going on."

However, I have to say, whoever did do this beading work, my hat goes off to them!

Shirt - Taiwan

The shirt was an impulse buy from Taiwan. I had just bought a cute skirt, and thought: Oh no, I have nothing to wear with it! So I turn into the nearest shop and I buy the first white shirt I see. Impulse buys are not always a bad thing.

Skirt - Glassons

The skirt I bought from Glassons a few seasons ago, well quite a few seasons ago, as in 2008. I remember that at the time it was a very big decision as the skirt was $40.00! O.o

Earrings - Etsy
Earrings came from my good friend Chloe for my birthday this year, and I love how much they match with the pink of the bead work.

Anyway that's all from me. Until next time...

PS: And five brownie points to you if you can name where the title of this post comes from!

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