Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Inning - The Wonderful World of Hand Turkeys

Hi all, so in case you were wondering, we did end up celebrating Thanksgiving. Just a small one at our place. Luke did an awesome job with food, including making a most delicious pumpkin pie, which took a full 3 hours to set due to our ridiculously slow-to-cook-anything gas oven. Luke's brother Michael and his wife Alina came around, as well as Bex (Luke's sister) to join in our festivities.

We celebrated Thanksgiving last year with two very dear friends of ours, Claire and Mihwa. Sadly they have both returned to their respective home countries, but they did introduce us to the wonderful Thanksgiving tradition of making "Hand Turkeys." Essentially, for those who do not know, you trace around your hand and then colour it in to look like a turkey. And it is great fun for adults and children alike!

So pretty much all you need is paper, pens and any colouring instruments you like!

Of course much concentration is needed...

Then voila! A hand turkey is created. I called this one: Bedtime Turkey with Faceless Bear (I painted the bear in a very dark brown, so it kind of lost its face...poor Faceless Bear).

Dragon Turkey painted by Luke. I should explain that I asked him to make a face like a dragon and this is not his normal expression :)
Now I have to say that Alina and Michael took Hand Turkeys to a whole new level with their pictures.
This one is Alina's. Isn't it amazing? She actually drew all of us in it. If you'd like to check out more of her amazing artwork you can go to her blog: Snowlullaby.
Michael's is equally amazing. I'm telling you, these guys are talented with a capital T!

Now once you've finished your masterpieces you can sit back and enjoy some...

PUMPKIN PIE!!! :):):)

Random cork baby made by Michael and Alina. :)

Until next time!


  1. LOVE the turkey hand drawings -they are amazing! What a great activity for thanksgiving :) Very unique!


  2. Hannah, I cannot tell you how much joy this post brings me. I was just making hand turkeys the other day and looking at the ones from last year. I had them laminated! :D

  3. Wow Hannah! Everyone is so creative! But I suppose I should not be surprised.:)