Friday, 16 December 2011

The Holiday - O Christmas Tree

Like millions of people across the world, we  put up our Christmas Tree on December 1st. Although it won't win any competitions for the tallest or prettiest tree around, it's still our Christmas tree and that's what makes it special.
Since it's about 1 metre high, it didn't take very long for four of us to decorate.
How cute is this Christmas Bear? It was made by my second mother Cheryl, who is a whiz with a needle and thread.
Luke placing the precarious star on top.
Our newest decoration. This year Luke and I started a new Christmas tradition: go to Kirkcaldie and Stains (posh Wellington Department Store) and select 1 tree decoration. They have a fantastic Christmas Store - a real festive wonderland, with so many decorations you barely know where to look.
I saw this Darth Vader Christmas decoration, and although I know Star Wars has nothing to do with Christmas (despite it being represented in the Wellington Christmas Parade), I just had to buy it for Luke.
Ta-da! One Christmas tree decorated. 
Until next time :)

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