Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Dress - Missing Summer

Somehow or other, this winter feels so much colder than the previous one. I mean, was it really this chilly last year? Yes, I know there are a lot of places in the world far colder than Wellington, but I don't care. I miss summer - that is, the week we get of it. So recently I found myself daydreaming abut sunshine, cotton dresses and evening sun. I also managed to dig up a hitherto unpublished outfit post on a summer dress. Enjoy!

  Dress: Thrifted
I found this dress in a small shop off Cuba Street. I think it was a shop selling clothes that had been sitting on the racks too long in the vintage shop Missy's Room. Anyway, I immediately liked the pattern, but on closer inspection discovered that there were these really strange rips in it. The price was $20, but when I pointed out to the lady behind the counter that it needed some repairs, she sold it to me for $5. Bargain. Then my oh-so-wonderful sister-in-law Rebekah sewed up the rips for me, and hemmed it to a length which wasn't so daggy.

Cardigan: Frutti
Have I mentioned that I love this shop? Luke gave me a voucher for this shop the Christmas before last, and I bought this teal cardigan with it. Unfortunately, I don't wear it as much as I should, but I love how it matches this dress. 

And look - pockets!

 Shoes: Clarks

Somehow, I don't think I've posted about these shoes yet. I bought them a couple of months ago. They were $279 reduced to $179. I love the detailing, and they are SO comfortable. These shoes look great with summer dresses but also work nicely with winter shades. The colour was called "mushroom", which I thought was quite apt - and besides that, I really love mushrooms.

Until next time :)

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