Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Song - Chong Bai

Okay, it's time for a different kind of song. As some of you know, I studied Chinese at university and lived in Taiwan for most of a year, where I met my husband (who is not Taiwanese, just in case you made that assumption). Anyway, while there I was introduced to KTV, also known as karaoke. I found learning Chinese songs was a great way to learn new vocab, plus I love music, as you've probably gathered.

Although my Chinese seems to be diminishing every day, I can still sing most of a few Chinese songs. One in particular was called 崇拜 Chong Bai (meaning "Worship"), by the very famous singer 梁靜茹 Liang Jing Ru, whose English name is Fish. I still think it's a lovely tune, and it became my karaoke song in Taiwan. To help those who don't speak Chinese, I thought I'd be really lazy and just put the lyrics into Google Translate. I have to say the result shows that sometimes things can be really lost in translation...

I love these lines especially:

"I thought it impossible, not impossible."
"So there is no love for love, their own existence in the outside of you..." (Awww, poor unloved love.)

Your attitude, your favor
I exist in your presence
Do you think love is to be loved?
You have squandered my worship

I live, I love, I do not care
Beloved to the crazy, hate to forget just fine
Can really pity
Finally happy how you dare not do?

I thought we were different from the others
I thought it impossible, not impossible

Kite, wind
Dolphins, sea
I exist in my presence
So I can understand, so leave
So there is no Love for Love
Their own existence in the outside of you...

 Until next time :)

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