Monday, 30 July 2012

The Outing - The Midwinter Christmas

Apologies to everyone for the lull in blog writing. I've been really busy, but now I'm back with an entry on midwinter Christmas.

Okay, so I guess the title of this entry probably sounds a little strange to those who celebrate Christmas during winter. Actually, I believe the whole idea of a mid-year Christmas is only found in the southern hemisphere, since midsummer Christmas sounds completely ridiculous. But for us who miss out on a winter Christmas in December, it is quite nice to have all those things we enjoy during the festive season: roasts, pudding, mulled wine and roast vegetables, when the temperature is actually cold and they can warm you up.

Well, this is exactly what we did a few weekends ago. Luke and I were invited over to our dear friend Carolyn's place. It was such a lovely evening, and she and her flat mates put on such a spread. Unfortunately we didn't get too many photos, and those we did take are rather poor quality, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway. Only 5 months to go before the traditional Christmas, you know!

Roast pork with apple sauce, and beans with bacon.

Delicious roast potatoes and a special cauliflower cheese.

And this is what it looks like on your plate... yum!

To finish off, there's nothing like hot apple pie.

As you can clearly see, midwinter Christmases are really all about the food. ;)

Until next time :)

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