Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Inspiration - The Vintage Bathroom

While looking through the houses for sale on Trade Me again, I find myself thinking: if I had a house, how would I decorate it and make it totally awesome, kitschy and vintage? Of course, in my imaginings there is no budget, so the other night I found myself looking for vintage bathroom inspiration.

Everyone knows that the kitchen and the bathroom make up 20% of the value of the house. Well, if I found a house with one of these bathrooms, even if the rest of the place was unliveable I think I would still buy the house for the bathroom alone! After all, we girls do spend a lot of time there.

 Let's start off simple. One thing I noticed is that it is all about the bath! You actually can't have a vintage bathroom without one! And they come in so many wonderful shapes.

And speaking of bathtubs - why do they have to be white? Why not teal for a change?

Loving the separate "his" and "her" mirrors! Genius, I say! Why did they ever go out of fashion? Luke and I are always trying to cram our heads into one bathroom mirror while flossing, and this would totally solve that problem!

Okay, I normally hate the idea of washing machines being anywhere except in a laundry. However, when your bathroom is this sophisticated and your washing machine this attractive, I can kind of live with it... just.

How cool is the unpainted wall with the word "Washroom" above it? Very rustic, as are the wooden panels on the bath.

So you thought bathrooms had to be white to be sophisticated? Not necessarily so - this black bathroom is probably about as sophisticated as they come.

Too much black? Okay, why not just a black tub instead?

So you want a vintage bathroom, but still want the convenience of a modern shower? In this bathroom you can have both. Say hello to the vintage shower! Love!
Why do I get the the feeling that these bathroom cabinets are out of Beauty and the Beast and are about to come to life at any second? So cute!
I love how this bathroom doesn't feel like a bathroom at all... except for the fact that there's a bath.
Tight for space? Not a problem. You can still have an awesome bathroom.

Note: when doing blue and yellow, light blue and pale yellow work the best.

Why did those racks that were put across baths for soap and things ever go out of fashion? They are genius!
Orange bath = awesomeness.
Liking the rustic feel. Look at that tap in the wall!
Once again, if Barbie had a vintage bathroom it'd probably look like this. Wow, this one even has a fireplace!
Look at those walls, and the feet on the bath!
Oh, I think I've worked out what else makes a vintage bathroom vintage.
1. Bathtub
2. Chandelier
3. Flowers
4. Chair
(I'm not sure what the chair is for... any thoughts? Waiting for your bath to fill? Having a convo with someone while they're in the bath?)
And this one has a rubber duck! So cute!
Now I'm confused - I thought blue was the best colour for bathrooms, but I'm really loving these shades of green.

And that brings to a close my vintage bathroom post. Feeling inspired? Which one is your favourite?

Until next time :)


  1. Agree about the large bathtubs! Ahhh those long soaks... My parents had a wooden thingee for the tub. But it was padded, and put behind you to rest your head on. Bliss!

  2. does anyone know where you would find the glass vintage shower...the one that looks like an all glass telephone booth with clawfeet?? I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. I think the chair is for throwing your clothes and towel!

  4. I would also love to know where this stunning vintage shower came from. I want a clawfoot but my roof is slanted so I can't fit a shower ring so this might solve my problem! This blog has inspired two of my bathrooms! Thanks for the great blog!

  5. All of them are totally FAB! Thanks for collecting the great ideas! Kitchens' next? PLEASE????