Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Celebration - Carolyn's Birthday

The weekend before last it was my very, very dear friend Carolyn's birthday. And so we helped her celebrate. You might have noticed that Carolyn features fairly regularly in my blog, because she is awesome! One of the most delightful, fun and caring people I know - she's really like family. I imagine that when Luke and I have kids she will be Aunty Carolyn, and it won't be until they're much older that they'll realise we're actually not related.

However, the other reason I wanted to write this blog was to share this with you... 

Isn't it the most amazing cake you've ever seen?! What bakers did we buy it from? How much did it cost? Well the answer is that it was made by my everso talented sister Bex and her equally talented flatmate Anna. I know - talk about talented!

 Oh, it was the birthday cake, in case you didn't figure that out. And here's the birthday girl.

 I am lost for words. Sorry about all the cake photos, but if any cake deserves to be photographed multiple times at multiple angles, it's this one.

 They spent hours putting it together and handcrafted each of the roses.

 This was actually kind of sad to watch, but what everyone was thinking was... will it taste as good as it looks?

 The answer: Yes indeed! Oh my goodness, it was delicious. White chocolate flavour - scrumptious!

 Here is one of the bakers. 

As Marie Antoinette didn't say: "Let them eat cake."

 We then went for a stroll down Oriental Parade.

 Luke also managed to snap this postcard-worthy photo of a tui. I actually really like tuis. The call they make is so unique. 

 Back to birthday celebrations. No birthday would be complete without a birthday dance!

Fun time!

Love you Carolyn!

Until next time :)

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