Friday, 9 November 2012

The Dress - Minnie Mouse

So I thought you might appreciate a breakdown of my Halloween costume. As I think I mentioned earlier, you can hardly call it a Halloween costume, as I would totally wear this outfit to a non-costume party -  minus the ears of course! :)

 Ears: Disneyland
What can I say? It's an unwritten law that if you go to Disneyland you have to buy mouse ears. And all the better if they're sparkly. My sister and I bought matching pairs when we went last year - so much fun. I was happy for an excuse to use them again. For some reason they never seem to be in fashion anywhere but in Disneyland. ;)

 Sweater: Target
My mum sent this over as a random gift. She thought I would like it, and I do. :) My mum knows me well. I love the cute bow feature; it's true you can never have enough bows. Actually, the bows and buttons have red polka dots on them, which you can't really tell in the winter. But since it's a short-sleeved cardigan I never know quite what to do with it. Can you wear a cardigan on top of a cardigan? Anyway, even though it's a slightly puzzling top, I still love it. 

And if I'm honest, I kind of miss Target in Australia. I mean, you can find a well-priced quality item there, and then you get to the checkout and find out that as a bonus it was 20% off. Love that feeling.

 Skirt: Modcloth
 Love this skirt. And see how amazing it looks with a petticoat peeping out the bottom. It's like they were made for each other. :)

 Petticoat: Etsy - Jumblelaya

After getting really sick and tired of not being able to wear fun summery dresses in Wellington because of the darned wind, and having read too much of the Vixen Vintage blog, I convinced myself and Luke that what I really needed was a petticoat. So I bought this reasonably priced one from Jumblelaya on Etsy. It is actually now currently hanging up in our bedroom - who knew petticoats could be so decorative? Although I love it, in hindsight I think it is a bit too long. It's 27 inches, so can only be worn with quite long skirts. To use it with this skirt I have to safety-pin the top part to the bottom of my bra - no joke.

The material is also quite scratchy, so has to be worn with stockings to avoid annoyance. Although I love the shape it produces, I can kind of see why they went out of fashion. They're quite a pain in the butt. However, this doesn't stop me admiring the petticoats in Doris Designs, which are so pretty and look so soft. Hmmm... how long do you think it'll take me to convince Luke that I need another petticoat? Oh well, I guess I'll just add it to the wishlist.

Gloves: Thrift Store
I actually bought these for the Art Deco festival, but it was so hot I didn't get a chance to wear them. White gloves are very Minnie Mouse, don't you think?

Shoes: Monkfish
Cutest and most uncomfortable shoes ever. Even with socks. How can something so cute also be so painful?

Socks: Aussie Socks
Note to self: your feet are not as big as you think, next time buy the kids' size. I think the whole socks and high heel thing is slowly growing on me, but you definitely need to have the right kind of high heels.

Bonus Pic #1

Bonus Pic #2 
Check out the twirl on that skirt!

Until next time :)

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