Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Inspiration - The Vintage Garden

Time for another "inspiration" blog, I think. This time we're looking at pretty things in the great outdoors. I've never really had much of a green thumb myself, but since we'll soon be moving into our house, I thought maybe looking at a few picturesque gardens might inspire me. Hopefully it will inspire you too.

How much do you just want to sit down here and read a book with some homemade lemonade?

Note to self: must buy old-fashioned wagon and fill it with flowers.

The perfect hideaway.

Note to self: Must buy watering can and fill it with flowers too. So cute!

Love all the details here: the wicker baskets, the life saver, the apples. 

Hooray for eclectic chairs!

How cute are those white bird cages? Such a sweet idea. Could you have them around but not put birds in them? Do you think the kind of house thing with the lattice in the background is supposed to be a human birdcage?

Understated yet effective.

Note to self: Must also buy old bicycle and fill basket with flowers. Seriously loving this.

More birdcages. And look - no bird. 

Chairs can also be covered in flowers - but what I really loved about this was the cat. Look, it's wearing a bow tie!

Now this is bliss. Maybe I'll add a hammock to the list. Wait, I don't think we have any trees to hang it from. Hang on a second - our place came with a porch swing, and you know a porch swing always trumps a hammock. Okay, I totally just made that up.

Proving that the wagon flower idea is awesome.

Hope you enjoyed that. Which one was your favourite? What did you like?

Until next time :)

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