Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Dress - Saturday Disney

Do you remember the Saturday morning TV show "Saturday Disney"? My sister and I used to watch it religiously as children. They always had the best cartoons. We'd watch Aladdin, Chip & Dale - so many good shows. I can't believe we'd wake up at 7 AM just to watch them. But you know, as a kid you have different priorities. Actually, I'm pretty sure that if Aladdin was on Saturday morning TV now, I would still get up to watch it. Big kid at heart - who me?

Anyway, this dress post is to prove that occasionally I can also do casual. Casual Disney style. :)

T-shirt: Disneyland
I bought this T-shirt when Laura and I went to Disneyland last year, and it's probably my favourite shirt. I love the faded vintage look, and it's super-duper comfy, which of course is essentially what makes casual clothing, well, casual. 

I bought this cardigan about 5 years ago and have almost thrown it out a couple of times, as I don't really wear it that often. I don't think light grey is the most flattering shade on me. Plus it's a bit too long to wear with my high-waisted skirts. The abnormally sized buttons give it a more casual feel, as do the pockets. 

So I um and ah and put it back in the closet, but when I get in a kind of mooching mood I'm very grateful  that I haven't thrown it away. It's very well made, surprisingly warm and snuggly. Just the thing for an afternoon watching old movies.

I'm also pretty sure the reason I bought it was the name of the brand: agent ninety-nine. Have I ever mentioned I'm a huge Get Smart fan? Love it! I practically grew up on it, so I'm pretty sure that was the selling point for me. Is it bad to admit that you've bought an item of clothing because the label name appeals to your 1960s TV show nostalgia?

Jeans: Just Jeans

Shoes: Thrifted 
So I wanted to buy some good quality, reasonably priced leather books for when I go to Europe. Oh, did I mention I'm going to Europe? Well I am. Anyway, I'll explain more later. However, it seems that good quality, reasonably priced shoes no longer exist. Have you seen the utter crap they are selling for outrageous prices? I mean, $200 for a pair with leather upper! It's not even real leather and the shoes will hardly get through one season before you have to throw them out; because they're so poorly made and literally glued together the shoe shop can't even fix it! It's ridiculous! People actually buying stuff in the name of fashion. Come on consumer, educate yourself. If you're going to buy poorly made shoes, at least go to Number 1 Shoe Warehouse and pay a price that is representative of what the shoe is worth!

Sorry, slight ranting. Anyway, I ended up deciding the only way to buy a decent pair of ankle boots at  a reasonable price was to go back in time to when companies actually cared about the quality of their product. I went to a number of vintage stores before I found this pair. Real leather, well made, well looked-after (already worn in... bonus!), and my size all for just $70! Yes please!

Until next time :)

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