Friday, 24 January 2014

The Dress - Autumn Comforts

We all need one. One of those jumpers/cardigans which is just so comfortable and warm. I had one of these. Well, to be honest I stole it off my sister when I was 18 and wore it so much that she told me to keep it. And then *sniff sniff* a year ago I had to say goodbye, as I had worn it so much there were holes in the knitting. How can I ever replace you? I thought. 

And then one day I was looking at H&M's website and playing around with their barbie doll "dress the lady" feature (seriously great way to waste time), and I discovered the perfect replacement cardigan. You shall be mine! I thought and quickly put it in my virtual shopping trolley heading for the checkout. Then disaster! What! No international shipping!!!! Okay, you invest who knows how much money so your visitors can dress a mannequin in all your clothes, but you don't foresee that people outside the UK might want to buy your clothing! Well, back to square one, I thought.

But then, my lovely sister invited me to London and Paris the December before last, and do you know what they have in London? H&M! And what cardigan did I manage to find in their store... the one from the website! Mine at last! I only had to travel across the globe to find it! :) The End.

Cardigan: H&M
Plus it makes a great Christmas jumper!

Jeans: Just Jeans
Boots: Vintage Store
Ziggurat in Wellington

Until next time :)

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