Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Inspiration - The Vintage Bedroom

Hello chums! Happy New Year to you all! Hope it's been a good one so far. Sorry I've been away for a little while. Luke and I stayed at home for the Christmas holidays this year - what I like to call a "staycation." 

Anyway, it was really more of a working holiday, as we painted the ceiling and walls of our bedroom. Yes, that's right, I did DIY! You might think that was just a quick job and we spent the rest of the holidays taking leisurely walks and falling asleep in the sun (which I'm pretty sure is what Sammy the cat did), but no, our renovations took 10 days. Yes, 10 days! We finished at 9:00 pm the night before we had to go back to work. Ugh! 

But in saying that, the bedroom now looks like a picture out of a home decor magazine, although it will take a few weeks for me to think about doing anything of that nature again. Photos will come soon.

So when trying to figure out what colour to paint our bedroom, I of course went to the good ol' internet for a spot of inspiration. Since you all seem to love the other decor posts, such as the Vintage Kitchen, Vintage Bathroom, Vintage Garden, Vintage Dining Room and Vintage Lounge Room, I thought I would share these bedroom ideas with you. 

Love this bedframe more than words can say. Note to self: need to get bedframe.
There's something really fun/funky about the colours in this room. Also loving the bedside table and drawers.

I think this photo comes from me trying to prove to Luke halfway through the renovations that we could just leave it unfinished and make it shabby chic....

Again: "Honey, let's just buy a chandelier and leave the ceiling as is..." I'm glad Luke didn't take me up on that. Although it can work in the right house.

Love this bedframe. So sweet. However, can someone please remove the ultra modern lamp? Also, mirrors create space (and are great if you need to check makeup or outfit composition), which is why we need to purchase a full-length mirror.
Okay, also to add to the list... I want a bedframe plus a bedroom bench to pop on the end. Maybe an armchair with a pouf too while you're at it...

 Just really love the unusual shape of this room...

 Art deco heaven. 

 This room makes me happy... I especially like the cute touch of lace around the bedposts, which softens the look. 

 In a word... sweet.

 Okay, this wall is almost the exact same colour as our walls now.

Coveting bedframe. Is that a Christmas tree on the bedside table and wreaths on the window? A very subtle Christmas.

Also currently coveting this bedframe. In addition, I need a standing candelabra. Note to self: it is "stylish" to leave hats on the floor.

 Simple, yet elegant.

Again, remove ugly modern lamp and this room would be perfect. I mean, that bedframe is something else, isn't it?

Is it a couch? Is it a bed? I don't know, but I love it. Although the curtains are a tad too long, unless that was deliberate?

 So cute I want to squeal. Look at that little couch! And the turquoise bedframe.

 Look, finally - a modern lamp that goes with the decor! Hooray!

Again, is it a bed or a couch? Who knows, but I'd like to think a princess sleeps in this royal bed.

Grandfather clock... oh, I hope they turned off the chimes. It also looks like church pews at the bottom of the bed, but it kind of works anyway.

 Bedframe, want! Okay, I have noticed that apparently I want an iron one.


 And the award for the cutest wall paper goes to...

 Loving the shape of the bedframe...

Okay, this one's just for a giggle, since it's what came up on Google images when I typed in "Wall colouring for blue carpet."

Until next time :)

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