Friday, 4 May 2012

The Dress - Polka Dots and Flowers

Time for another peep into my wardrobe. :) This outfit has everything I love: polka dots, flowers, collars and bows. (I seriously want to have a daughter called Dorothy to pay tribute to my life-long love of the Wizard of Oz, along with my love of anything with spots on it - although they have to be the same size spots, since I can't do different size polka dots - end tangent.) Could it get any more perfect?

Dress: Revival
This was another purchase from my mum on my visit to Oz. Thanks mum! The dark colours mean that although this is technically a summer dress, I can wear it with stockings in the cooler weather. I wish we had Dangerfield here in New Zealand, but it's probably better for my bank balance that we don't.

Cardigan: Mango
A purchase from Taiwan. I have to say I'm seriously impressed with how well this cardigan has lasted. Three years on it's still going strong, and I wear it at least 3 times a week. A good investment - and I'm so glad I bought it in purple as well. 

Stockings: Columbine 
Patterned stockings make me happy, but I have this terrible problem of not being able to wear them with patterned clothes (I think its my OCD coming in again). Is it just me that has this problem? Luckily, polka dots are such a simple pattern that I can wear them with most things.

Shoes: Mi Piaci
Love these shoes. I seriously doubt I will ever find a pair that I love this much.

Until next time :)

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