Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Holiday - Easter Break Part 3

Yes, my Easter break posts continue. I hope you like looking at pretty buildings, because there are a lot in this post.

So on the Monday, the four of us - Mum, Dad, Luke and myself - drove out to the Wairarapa. You have to drive through the Rimutaka Gorge, which is really tortuous. You can kind of make out the road in this photo, snaking along the side of the mountain. Someone commented to me the other day how Pacific light is different - that it's brighter. It's something I'd never really thought about before, but it's certainly true, and you can definitely see it in this picture.

We stopped in Martinborough and had a walk around the township. My mum bought me an awesome bag in an antique shop - I'll have to show you some time. By the way, how cute is this post office?

We then drove on to Greytown, which I had heard was particularly nice. There were soooo many gift shops - I think we got a bit gift-shopped out after a while. We also found Marilyn Monroe.

So many beautiful old buildings... the main street seems as if it has been practically untouched since it was originally built.

We stopped for a bite to eat. Dad and Luke went for the chicken burger. This photo makes me smile.

Then I found a moa. :) The orginal "Big Bird" - man, I wish these were still around; they were such awesome creatures. And I would also like to ride one. 

More cute buildings.

Note to self: must one day own a house with window pot plants - is that what you call them?
There was a small roadside store selling strawberries - which became our mid-afternoon snack.


This tree is a gum tree. Make that a very, very, very big gum tree all the way from Oz. I think it was about 150 years old.

Our new home - I wish. So cute! If only we could find something like this here in Wellington. 

Until next time :)

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