Monday, 7 May 2012

The Holiday - Easter Break Part 2

So work has been crazy recently. I know the perfect remedy for myself (and perhaps for you too, if you are feeling stressed out): look back at recent holiday snaps! Here are some more photos from Easter weekend, during my parents' recent visit to NZ.

On Easter Sunday, after going to church and having a late lunch, we took my parents and the fabulous Carolyn to Chocolate Fish Cafe.This cafe is out in Miramar, although I think it used to be located elsewhere until recently. I've heard that during the filming of the Lord of the Rings it was a favourite haunt of the stars, and that's how it grew to be such a famous hang-out.

I can see why this cafe is so popular, though. It's perfectly located on the water's edge, with a wide open space for kids to go crazy, and picnic tables and bean bags scattered haphazardly over the lawn. Indoors everything is decorated in a ramshackle beach hut kind of way, with lots of interesting things to look at. Out on the deck there are lots of seats and BBQs where you can see your seafood freshly cooked. We just stopped for a cuppa, but I would definitely be keen to go back.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there were also some tiny kids' bicycles and tricycles that we of course just had to try. This photo cracks me up.

I was wearing my 1950s-style circle skirt, which as you can see absolutely swamped my tricycle.

Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We then headed to the Massey Memorial, located just 2 minutes down the road. I'd heard about this place and had always wanted to see it, so I'm glad I finally got to go.

William Ferguson Massey (also known as Bill or Farmer Bill) was New Zealand's 19th Prime Minister, in office from 1912 to 1925 - naturally a very turbulent time in the country's history. He obviously did quite a good job, because he has a shrine that was paid for by public subscriptions, plus there is a university here named after him. Anyway, it was a very tranquil place to visit and definitely worth a look on a quiet afternoon. Nice views out to the harbour were an added bonus. 

Until next time! :)

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  1. I remember The Chocolate Fish. It was actually in Miramar township and was part of a large plant store. It was small but quirky, with assorted wooden chairs painted cheerful colours and with all sorts of unusual sayings on their backs. They have obviously become larger and moved to a nicer local. Still held on to the quirky, I see.