Monday, 4 June 2012

The Dress - Watermelons

Time for another example of an outfit I wear to work. Remember how I was looking for a pencil skirt a while ago, then gave up and bought the complete opposite - a circle skirt? I mean, talk about jumping from one extreme to another. Well, while I was in Australia over Christmas I found it... that is, I found the perfect pencil skirt. I was shopping with my good friend Emily in Chadstone (the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere - seriously, you can get so lost there; luckily I had Emily as my guide). Anyway, we were in Myers and I stumbled across this skirt. Tried it on, and goodness gracious, it actually fit!

Skirt: Tokito City
It's ribbed around the top, which means it fits my hips like a dream. Plus, the cute skinny belt is a nice touch. I've always seen this brand in Myers, and I like their clothing, but up until now I've never bought any of it.

Stockings: Lynette
I think these stockings were Lynette. I bought them for Art Deco weekend, but the weather was way too hot to wear them. There is something just so elegant about seamed stockings, don't you think? And I believe... (prediction being made) they're going to come into fashion. Unfortunately, these ones have already got a hole in them, which makes me very sad. Long nails + thin stockings = not a good combination.

Blouse: Tokito City
What's that on my blouse? Why yes, they are tiny slices of watermelon. Aren't they cute? I also love the sleeves on this blouse. So fun. It's also a kind of material that doesn't need ironing. Yay!

Until next time :)

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