Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Holiday - Easter Break Part 5

Time for another look at our holiday snaps. Almost done, I swear! On Saturday night we stayed in the most delightful B&B, Otahuna Country House, just outside of Martinborough. I definitely recommend it - very reasonable rates and beautiful surrounds. Wish we could have stayed longer. Silly me forgot to take a photo of the cute little cabin we stayed in. But I did get a shot of the main house - so pretty. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much longer it'll be running, as they had a "for sale" sign up. This is a shame, because the couple who run it couldn't be nicer. We also got an awesome recipe for birdseed slice from the lady... yum!

In the morning we awoke to the sounds of sheep bleating. So I decided to go say hi. They weren't very friendly until the lady gave me some food for them, and then they were almost too friendly!

Luke and I then made some friends of a different kind. Namely the horsey kind. 

So beautiful. They were a bit puzzled as we didn't have any food, so we went back and got them some tomatoes. FYI, horses don't eat tomatoes. Who knew?

One of them (the one on the right, I believe), won "Horse of New Zealand". I guess that's the equivalent of winning a beauty pageant, right? So it was a pretty attractive horse, with the evidence to prove it!

Now you see why I wanted to live here. So cute.

So you know you're in the country when... you have to give way to cows. 

We then went to Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre and got better acquainted with some of our feathered friends. At the time I felt very educated about New Zealand birds (they have so many!) - But now I've forgotten all the information I read. So here is a photo of a bird.

And here is a photo of a different kind of bird (at least I know enough to tell that they're different species).

Redwood trees so tall
Makes Hannah feel very small 
Growing round us all

Another bird that may or may not be the same species as the last one. Yes - as an ornithologist I totally fail.

Until next time :)

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