Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Holiday - Easter Break Part 6

Okay, I swear these are the last of our Easter Break photos - I was kind of hoping that I could drag it out until I go on holidays again, but no such luck. So we went to Castlepoint, which had been recommended to me by a colleague. It was a bit of detour - on the eastern coast of the Wairarapa - but it was so worth it. The scenery was just breathtaking, as you can clearly see from these photos.

So the place is actually named after this awesome rock, since Captain Cook thought it looked a bit like a castle when he saw it from his ship. Personally, I think I'd just like to try rolling down the green patch. :)

The perfect ending to the perfect holiday. Now I just need to figure out when the next one is going to be. :)

Until next time :)

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